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Corkless in Galena Wine Festival  

Saturday June 25,  2022   

Depot Park, Galena IL

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Located in Galena’s picturesque Depot Park, the Corkless in Galena Wine Festival will be complimented by flavorful food and live music.  See and visit us on Facebook.

Proceeds from the festival help NIWG continue to evaluate new grape varieties in their experimental vineyard and promote high quality grape production in Northern Illinois and the surrounding area.

The Northern Illinois Wine Growers Welcome You!
This website is a communication, training and informational support tool for its members.  However, whether you're a member or not, please feel free to browse. We believe you will be amazed, as we are, by the vigor of the wine industry in Illinois. The growing variety of wines, the many vineyards and the increasing acreage of land focused on viticulture is breathtaking!

There is a revolution in grape growing and wine making in Illinois. Ten years ago, seven or eight wineries dotted the state and maybe 100 acres were devoted to grapes. Today, those numbers have ballooned to about 80 wineries and more than 2,000 acres of vines. Those who are involved in wine making here like to think that Illinois is where California was in the 1970s -- producing great wines that have only to be recognized.


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