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Membership Benefits
  • Network with other hobbyists or wine making or growing professionals of all skill levels
  • Participate in research on new grape varieties in the region
  • Attend sponsored educational seminars directed towards wine making and grape agriculture
  • Taste wine made and showcased by fellow members
  • Receive advice and support on potential endeavors, big or small
  • Utilize testing equipment and expertise on soils, wine chemistry, spraying, diseases, trellising, facilities and more.
Why should I become a member?
Even if you are not big on participating in meetings or seminars, bare minimum being a member of Northern Illinois Wine Growers says that you care about making great wine in Northern Illinois. Your membership contribution will further the industry or hobbyists who strive to create the idyllic, yet hard won lifestyle that is creating great wine in the land formerly only known for cows and corn fields.

 Membership Application
Submit applications to Susan Ertmer at the following email address:
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